About Us



I started my stationery company THE PAPER LIFE to give people a safe space to visually manage anxiety, express themselves, process trauma, structure their goals and finances and organize their feelings in a logical way.

There is an influx of stressors and traumas that affect us on a regular basis and it becomes a sensory overload of feelings and thoughts. The mental clutter can affect relationships, friendships, self-esteem, money, and mental health.

By means of writing and organizing, I'm able to speed up the processing time of growth, curating self-improvement by introducing new habits of mental health organization, self awareness and discovery.

We are all busy and don't have time to be slowed down by self doubt, overthinking, anxiety and stress. We need a safe space where we can dump all our thoughts and sift for gems to grow. You learn how to become aware of changes within your thoughts and behaviors to be able to clearly identify what you need for yourself and how to get it. You will become an emotionally self-sufficient and logical power house.

My mental health Stationery brand: specializes in:
• self improvement
• brain dump journals
• office supplies and decor

We also offer tutorials and trainings that assist you with:
- processing imposters syndrome
- hashing out business moves and ideas

- identifying the next step in life

- processing break ups

- organizing life’s responsibilities
- processing overwhelming thoughts and emotions
- fears and complexities of parenting
- and unlearning bad habits.